4 Signs If You Don’t Have Self Awareness

Suara.com – Self-awareness or self-awareness is a person’s ability to recognize himself. Starting from emotions, potential, feelings, to being aware of their behavior.

When someone already has self-awareness, they will see how much potential he has. Also recognize yourself as a whole, both its weaknesses and strengths.

Not only that, having the ability to self-awareness can give birth to one’s thoughts to see new perspectives. So this will make a person open his mind, who does not see things from a negative perspective.

Then, what if someone does not have self-awareness? Answering this question, the founder and CEO of I Am Okay Athalla Hardian shared four signs, in a webinar entitled A Better Self Awareness to Develop Leadership Skills, Friday (8/10/2021).

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1. Difficult to understand the emotions of self and others
According to Athalla, a sign that a person does not have self-awareness is that it is difficult to understand the emotions of oneself and others.

“How can that be? Because we are not aware of what we are feeling, the emotions we are feeling, like ‘Today I don’t feel good, but I don’t know why’, “he said.

Although this is normal, Athalla said if you have self awareness, someone will be able to identify their own emotions.

2. Difficult to empathize with others
Just as it is difficult to understand other people’s emotions, Athalla said if someone does not have good self-awareness, it is a sign that someone will find it difficult to empathize with others.

“If for example we are not aware of our behavior, our behavior, also how to express something with other people, it will definitely affect our communication skills in relationships,” continued Athalla.

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“If we don’t know, it’s impossible for what we want to convey can be achieved 100 percent as we expect. So basically it will be difficult for us to understand other people, because we don’t understand ourselves yet,” he said.