Again Singing Wholeheartedly, This Singer Even Gets Water on the Tent – Live music at weddings is a common thing. Singers and musical accompanists will perform songs to enliven the party atmosphere from the stage. However, the unfortunate incident happened to this singer.

While singing Lyodra’s song The Last Message, the singer, who was wearing a white dress and black hijab, was suddenly splashed by water from above the tent.

His melodious song while singing the chorus ‘Ku kan disappear’, suddenly completely disappeared when the water poured down his body.

This video immediately went viral on social media after being uploaded to the Instagram account @netizeniseng.

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Several netizen comments began to unite the lyrics ‘Ku kan disappeared’ with the incident of the splashing water. Here are the comments!

“The voice has completely disappeared,” said the netizen.

Not a few netizens feel sorry for the singer’s ill-fated fate. He regretted why there had to be such an incident at a party.

“Even though his voice is good,” said one netizen.

I don’t know what caused the water to suddenly fall from the top of the tent. To be sure, this post has received as many as 5,000 likes, with an audience of around 97,000 people.

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