Before he died, Sapri promised not to leave prayers – Comedian Sapri died while battling blood sugar, Monday (10/5/202) after sunset. This 49-year-old comedian died in the ICU room at Sari Asih Hospital, Ciledug, Tangerang.

This news has been confirmed by Sapri’s manager, Bunda Neneng. Before he died, pesinetron Father’s will 2 this was critical.

“Five or ten minutes before sunset, Dolly Bang Sapri was reported to be in critical condition,” said Bunda Neneng to

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However, after reporting her brother’s death again, Dolly could not be contacted again by Sapri’s manager.

“This is the mother again going to the hospital,” said Sapri’s manager.

Dolly has also informed the sad news through Instagram Story.

“Inalillahi wa Inna ilaihi Raji’un, Sapri bin Expert,” wrote Dolly.

Before he died, Sapri apparently had a noble promise, not to leave prayers. This was what Dolly had said when capturing the video of Sapri lying in the ICU room.

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“Wake up, let’s pray noon, let’s say that we don’t want to leave the prayers anymore,” wrote Dolly this afternoon.