BMKG: Trees fell and billboards collapsed thanks to La Lina

Heaps of fallen trees

Bogor City (ANTARA) – The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) mentioned that the disaster of fallen trees and billboards collapsed through large rains accompanied by robust winds all over 14.00-14.30 WIB in Bogor Metropolis and Regency owing to the extraordinary temperature of La Lina.

Head of Bogor Climatology Station Indra Gustari on Monday (24/1) issued a published statement regarding the assessment of the leads to of the catastrophe.

According to him, major rain and hail accompanied by lightning flashes and robust winds in Bogor Metropolis, which prompted the collapse of billboards that hit various motorized motor vehicles in Cibuluh Village, North Bogor District and numerous fallen trees strike a auto in West Bogor District and Tanah Cereal District, and Cibinong Subdistrict, Bogor Regency is without a doubt owing to the extraordinary temperature.

La Nina is a phenomenon of Sea Surface area Temperature (SML) in the central Pacific Ocean cooling under typical disorders.

Based mostly on the investigation of the existing dynamics of the environment, stated Indra, it is motivated by La Nina ailments with the Nino Index 3.4 at present at an index of -.69, which is greater than the regular worth of around .5.

This indicates that there is a major improve in rainfall in Indonesia, including West Java.

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This increase is affected by cyclonic circulation styles, specifically weak wind eddies in the Karimata Strait, small force or small in the South Indian Ocean, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), North Maluku Islands and Southwest Sumatra Island forming an spot where by wind confluences and wind bends move as a result of the region. West Java, thus supporting the source of soaked air masses, together with in the West Java location.

Indra claimed on the other hand, based mostly on the interpretation of the Temperature Radar impression, it was noticed that there was a development of convective cloud cells in the Bogor Metropolis spot at 12:37 WIB.

The progress is fairly intensive with cloud cells that are receiving extra experienced and growing in most of Bogor Regency and City at 13.41 WIB – 15.09 WIB, with a reflectivity value of 35 to 65 dbz in the Regency and Town of Bogor.

This indicates that there is the possible for average to weighty rain which can be accompanied by lightning or lightning and robust winds for the duration of this period and then start out to decay at 15.49 WIB.

“An early warning for Extreme Weather conditions in the Jabodetabek place has been issued by the Central BMKG On Obligation prior to the incident with an early warning interval starting up at 12:35 and 13:49 WIB,” he described.

The Office of Housing and Settlements in the City of Bogor, West Java, alongside one another with the Regional Catastrophe Administration Agency (BPBD) are currently registering dozens of fallen trees that occurred at a range of highway factors throughout major rain accompanied by solid winds from 14.05 to close to 15.30 WIB.

“There are a great deal of fallen trees, dozens but we are continue to recording the info, there are no figures but,” Head of the Division of Biodiversity Administration at the Bogor Town Disperumkim Irfan Zacky when achieved by Antar at the locale of the fallen tree on Jalan Dadali, Tanah Sareal Village, Tanah Sareal District, Monday afternoon.

Reporter: Linna Susanti
Editor: Zita Meirina