Condition Losses in the Corruption Circumstance of PD Majalengka Superior University Achieve Rp 1.9 billion

TIMESINDONESIA, MAJALENGKA – State losses in corruption scenarios Regional Firm Sindangkasih Multi Usaha (PD SMU) Majalengka Regency, West Java, reached IDR 1,999,578,250.

This figure is obtained from the results of an audit by the West Java Financial and Development Supervisory Company (BPKP).

“So the condition losses owing to corruption in PD Majalengka Significant College, the results of BPKP West Java calculations, amounted to Rp1,999,578,250,” said Kasiswa Majalengka, Dede Sutisna by the Head of Pidsus, Elan Jaelani, Thursday (11/3/2021).

He spelled out that from the situation which brought about losses to the state’s money, one suspect had been named. However, it did not rule out other suspects.

“But it relies upon on the benefits of afterwards investigations, whether there are other suspects or not. What is sure is that presently there is a single suspect who has been named, specifically JN (62) who is the former CEO of PD SMU,” he discussed.

The following phase, investigators will have out an evaluation of economic authorities, to fortify evidence about state funds. Meanwhile, the matter of suspects who have not still been detained.

According to him, because the suspect was continue to cooperative in the course of the investigation method, there was no potential for escape and would not repeat his steps and would not eliminate any evidence.

“All through the investigation procedure, suspects bear compulsory reporting, but pertaining to detention it is completely up to the investigator simply because the investigator has the appropriate,” he defined.

Formerly, the case of alleged corruption that occurred at PD Majalengka Substantial School in 2016-2019, right after obtaining a disbursement of resources of around Rp. 5 billion from the Majalengka Regency Government. However, in its administration there are deviations from the two fields managed by PD SMU. Namely, perumja and agribusiness.

In the meantime, the corruption scenario has been rolling for 6 months, because it was declared at the close of September 2020. Formerly, the Prosecutor’s Business did not listen to the circumstance right away simply because it experienced to hold out for the success of the auditors from the BPKP.

Corruption suspect PD significant university, JN, who is a resident of Rajagaluh District, will be accused of Posting 2 Jo Post 19, Short article 3 and Posting 9 of the Legislation on Corruption. The danger of imprisonment for Report 2 is a least of four many years, although Posting 3 is a minimal of 1 yr and Post 9 is a least of 1 year.