Control Covid-19, Government Increases Testing and Tracing of 7 Agglomeration Areas – The Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, asked for the support of all parties to implement PPKM Level 4 which was extended until August 2, 2021. He focused on the request for support, especially in an effort to increase the number of testing, tracing, and treatment.

Luhut views that the preparation of the entire team is ready to carry out, later it remains to be maximized on Monday (26/7) tomorrow, the first day of the extension of PPKM Level 4.

“I think we’ll just do it and I ask for your support, especially regarding this testing tracing treatment. Yes, I think all the teams are ready to carry out, we’ve done tiered and I think these preparations,” said Luhut during an online press conference, Sunday (Sunday). 25/7/2021).

He said that the increase in tracing and tracing activities was President Jokowi’s instruction. The increase in testing and tracing will begin in 7 agglomeration areas in Java and Bali. These activities will be coordinated by the TNI-Polri and puskesmas in each region.

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Luhut believes that if the PPKM 4 provisions are followed and carried out carefully, the spread of Covid-19 can be controlled. He asked all parties to maintain health protocols during the implementation of PPKM both at level 4 and level 3.

“If this happens, I think we will be able to better control all of this,” said Luhut.