Dinan Fajrina Encourages Doni Salmanan, Even Reaping Blasphemy: His Name Is Also New Bride

Suara.com – After the arrest of Indra Kenz in the fraudulent investment case of the Binomo application, Doni Salmanan’s name was dragged along.

Like Indra Kenz, Doni Salmanan is known to often promote investment gambling through binary options trading through his social media.

The Bareskrim Polri has stepped up its investigation from the report of the Binomo victim against Doni Salmanan to the investigation stage.

Doni Salmanan sitting on a Lamborghini (Instagram)
Doni Salmanan sitting on a Lamborghini (Instagram)

Doni Salamanan is threatened with multiple layers of articles concerning online gambling, the spread of fake news in electronic media, fraud, and fraudulent acts and money laundering crimes (TPPU).

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In the midst of the frenzied news of her husband, Dinan Fajrina looks optimistic to give encouragement to Doni Salmanan.

“My dear. Bismillah, the spirit, the spirit of my love. I am your spirit and you are my spirit,” he wrote, judging from the Instagram account @lambe_turah.

Doni Salmanan's wife, Dinan Fajrina (Instagram/@dinanfajrina)
Doni Salmanan’s wife, Dinan Fajrina (Instagram/@dinanfajrina)

In addition, Dinan Fajrina also uploaded a wedding photo with Doni Salmana on December 14, 2021.

“Until it turns to dust,” he continued.

In addition, Dinan Fajrina also emphasized that she did not regret the decision to marry Doni Salmanan.

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“I have never regretted my decision to marry you, I will always be proud of you, my husband,” she concluded.

Uploaded by Dinan Fajrina (Instagram/@lambe_turah)
Uploaded by Dinan Fajrina (Instagram/@lambe_turah)

Regarding that, some netizens even satirized Dinan Fajrina’s sweet words to Doni Salamanan.

“You can pass through prison,” wrote one netizen, “Just think positive, you’re still rich, if you’re poor, you’ll also be left in prison,” said a netizen, “His name is also the newlyweds,” other netizens replied.