Friday night time, Aunt Ernie’s pose in a black bikini helps make netizens anxious : Okezone Way of life

Vacation Aunt Ernie is still in the spotlight of netizens in cyberspace. Not only the places visited in Lombok, but also the hot visual appearance.

Not too long ago, Aunt Ernie uploaded a alluring image in the swimming pool that manufactured netizens are unsuccessful to aim. Aunt Ernie appeared in a black bikini.

Aunt Ernie

The female, dubbed Auntie Unifying the Nation by netizens, posed by the pool with her hair unfastened. In addition, the strands of hair on the cheeks make his visual appeal a minimal tempting.

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Not only that, the expression of a a little bit wistful eye gaze really adds to the alluring perception of this mom of three kids. Netizens also failed to concentration on observing Aunt Ernie’s photo uploaded this Friday night.

“I have to be piye,” commented @yudibado***

“Producing literacy,” explained @rikiapri***

“??? baffled what to say,” claimed @okkyhar***

“This is my dream mother-in-law,” explained @3ndr ***

“The place is this maljum (Friday night time) once again,” mentioned @bayuk***

“I’m restless,” mentioned @dfal***

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Aunt Ernie

Meanwhile, this is not the 1st time Aunt Ernie has uploaded a bikini photo in Lombok. A couple of days in the past, the wonderful celebgram also uploaded her photograph in the very same bikini.

The variance is, at that time, Aunt Ernie seemed to be having fun with a glass of wine in the swimming pool. Her pose also appears to be tempting with a glass of wine in her hand.