Indonesia and Japan Increase Cooperation in Automotive HR Development – Indonesia and Japan continue to increase cooperation in developing the quality of automotive human resources (HR), where this strategic step is to spur competitiveness and innovation in the automotive industry in the country to be more competitive in the global arena.

“The Ministry of Industry continues to receive full support from the Japanese Government in the context of developing human resource competencies in the automotive industry sector,” said Industry Minister Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita while attending the virtual opening of the Lean Manufacturing Automation Training Of Trainer (TOT) in Jakarta, Tuesday (27/7/2021). ).

The Minister of Industry explained, based on the Indonesia Making 4.0 roadmap, the automotive industry is one of the sectors that gets development priorities to make Indonesia part of the 10 countries that have the strongest economy in the world by 2020.

In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to have skilled and reliable human resources in the use of the latest technology according to the development of the industrial era 4.0.

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“Indonesia has great potential, supported by 21 industries of four-wheeled motorized vehicles or more with an investment value of Rp. 71.35 trillion for a production capacity of 2.35 million units per year, and absorbing direct labor of 38 thousand people, and more than 1.5 million people who work along the industrial value chain,” he explained.

The Head of the Industrial Human Resources Development Agency (BSDMI) Arus Gunawan said that the real manifestation of the Indonesia-Japan synergy in the development of automotive industry human resources, among others, was the collaboration between the Ministry of Industry’s BPSDMI and Lexer Research Inc starting with the signing of a Letter of Intent (LoI) on Education Development. Regarding Lean Manufacturing in March 2019.

This collaboration was continued with the Japan-Indonesia Symposium on industrial HR in December 2019.

“This activity is the kick-off of the SDGs program related to the development of human resources for the automotive industry in Indonesia, which is fully supported by the Japanese government through JICA funding, which is the result of collaboration with the Ministry of Industry,” said Arus.

This year, the realization of the collaboration continued with the provision of grants in the form of two sets of bottle cap props and a set of IT support equipment in the form of servers and laptops with a total of 50 units.

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“This grant tool will be installed at the STMI Jakarta Polytechnic and the Center for Industrial Digital Innovation (PIDI 4.0), including also equipped with a simulator application to support Digital Engineering learning,” said Arus.