Issues Circular, Minister of Home Affairs Asks Satpol PP to be more humane and human – Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian will issue a circular addressed to Satpol PP regarding the supervision of the Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities/Emergency PPKM. In addition to asking for a humane attitude, the Civil Service Police Unit is also expected to be able to distribute social assistance to the community.

Satpol PP is a regional government apparatus that is also involved in handling the Java-Bali Emergency PPKM in terms of law enforcement. However, so far, there have been a number of reports from the public receiving excessive action by Satpol PP officers.

Therefore, Tito will issue a circular containing instructions so that Satpol PP officers in the field can understand how to approach the community properly.

“We will also issue a circular tonight, in the context of implementing PPKM, starting with directives to the Satpol PP ranks so that they are firm, humane, and not excessive,” Tito said at an online press conference, Saturday (17/7/2021).

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Also in the circular letter, Tito asked the Satpol PP to conduct regular PPKM evaluations. In addition, the ranks of the Satpol PP are asked to provide social assistance to people who are experiencing economic difficulties.

“So not only decisive action, but there is assistance in the form of basic necessities, masks, healthy food, hand sanitizers, and others,” he said.

The circular letter will be sent to all regional heads. The plan is that Tito will immediately send it on Saturday (17/7/2021) night.

“We will circulate this circular to all regional heads and we will monitor it.”

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