Must Know, These Are The Health Benefits Of Quality Sleep – Sleep is an activity that is needed by humans. Through sleep, various diseases can be prevented and controlled.

However, you need quality sleep, aka deep sleep or deep sleep in order to get a variety of benefits for physical and mental health.

So it’s really important to control your daily sleep time. Thus, you will get a series of benefits as follows based on a Garmin Smartwatch press release, Tuesday (11/5/2021).

1. Monitor sleep cycles

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Illustration of sleep (Unsplash / Gregory Pappas)
Illustration of sleep (Unsplash / Gregory Pappas)

While falling asleep, we will go through several phases of sleep: Non-rapid eye movement (non-REM) and REM. Non-REM is divided into three stages, light sleep, light to deep sleep, and deep sleep.

Starting with light sleep, you will enter a deep sleep phase when your heart rate slows down and all your muscles relax.

In addition, there is the REM phase, a condition in which the nerves of the brain work almost as hard as waking up to allow you to remember dreams. During sleep, we will experience the non-REM and REM phases repeatedly.

Each of these stages is an important component in getting the ideal sleep to come back refreshed in the morning.

2. Understand body condition based on data

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Using a smartwatch that can monitor sleep can reveal a lot of useful data, even an assessment of the quality of your sleep.