Not only from sitting, these are the benefits of Breathing Meditation for the Body – Many people think that meditation is just sitting still, and is of no use. In fact, meditation has various benefits that have an impact on health.

In her statement, Psychologist, counselor from the counseling application Riliv, Prita Yulia Maharani, M.Psi., explained that this meditation technique encourages breathing.

“When you inhale and exhale, at this time you will release all the burdens that are in your mind, so that after doing meditation you can feel calmer. In fact, breathing meditation is the most basic and most common type of meditation.”

Prita also added that doing breathing meditation is not difficult, because you only need to spend 3-5 minutes.

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Breathing meditation illustration.  (Riliv)
Breathing meditation illustration. (Riliv)

If you are still hesitant to do breathing meditation, here are 5 benefits!

Improve mood and emotion regulation ability kemampuan

When busy with activities, it often makes you feel tired and this has an impact on a worsening mood and unstable emotions. Though it is important to be able to control every emotion that arises, ranging from angry, happy, sad, disappointed emotions. Good emotional regulation skills can be trained by doing breathing meditation.

Improve sleep quality

It’s no secret that getting quality sleep is very difficult. Even though after a long day at work, you hope to sleep well and have good quality sleep. I don’t know why when I want to sleep, my brain doesn’t want to stop thinking This can all be overcome if you take the time to do breathing meditation before bed.

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