Old Portrait of Indra Kenz Appears at Launching Honda CBR150R and Brings Trophy, Ever Become a Motorcycle Salesperson?

Suara.com – Indra Kenz’s name has recently been in the public spotlight due to a trading fraud case with the Binomo platform. The man who is often called Crazy Rich Medan was finally arrested by the police because it was proven that he had cheated customers in terms of trading.

In fact, he was threatened with impoverishment and some assets such as luxury cars and houses confiscated by the police.

Indeed, before this fraudulent investment case ensnared him, he often flaunted luxury through his personal social media accounts,

A number of luxury cars and magnificent houses were posted through his social media accounts.

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Judging from other social media accounts, an old portrait of Indra Kenz was found that had not been filled with wealth. He was seen showing off a portrait of himself while still working at a Honda dealer.

Indra Kenz appeared at the launch of the Honda All New CBR150R (Facebook)
Indra Kenz appeared at the launch of the Honda All New CBR150R (Facebook)

In a 2016 post, he appeared to have appeared at the launching event for the Honda All New CBR150R.

He was seen wearing an all black outfit while carrying a microphone like a speaker at the Honda motorcycle launching event.

Behind it also looks the background of an All New Honda CBR150R motorbike with a face view.

Not only that, he also showed off a pose with a trophy with the Honda logo with a cheerful smile.

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Looking at his post, did he ever work at a Honda dealer?