Pray for Anin to be Head of Kadin, Rosan Roeslani: InsyaAllah Diridhai

VIVA – Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Field (Kadin) Rosan Perkasa Roeslani expressed his prayers for Kadin Ketum Candidates for the 2021-2026 Period of time Anindya Novyan Bakrie who is working to replace his place.

Rosan mentioned, with the many support from the Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Association for Anindya Bakrie, it is hoped that Anin’s methods will be equipped to pave the way for Anin’s to turn into a leader of company actors in Indonesia.

This was conveyed by Rosan when offering a speech at the Indonesian Kadin Countrywide Accumulating which was held at the 4 Time Hotel, Jakarta, Friday, May possibly 28, 2021 and attended by ministers of the State-of-the-art Indonesia Cabinet.

“With the assistance of our friends below, we desire Pak Anin the ideal in the potential,” mentioned Rosan.