Recommended 5 Christmas Themed Games on HP – The Christmas holiday can be filled with various exciting activities, one of which is playing games through applications on smartphones.

Many game development companies are presenting Christmas-themed games that can be chosen. The following are recommendations for five Christmas-themed games that can be played to fill this holiday weekend, as reported by Between:

1. Candy World – Christmas Games
Candy World-Christmas Games is an adventure game, in which players are asked to help Santa Clause collect candy stars, cakes and many other sweets.

Players can use boosters to beat the challenges in each level. There are more than 500 levels to play. This game can be played anytime and anywhere because it is presented in offline mode.

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2. Fun Santa Run – Christmas Runner Adventure
This one game invites players to help Santa collect coins along the route he takes. This arcade-themed game uses the setting of a location such as a wilderness with snowy railroad tracks or a city setting.

Santa will run as fast as possible to collect coins while avoiding the various obstacles that are presented in each level. The obstacles you face will become more and more challenging with each level.

3. Christmas Games: Toy Party
Christmas Games: Toy Party is a fun game that contains many different types of games. There are at least six games presented in this game, such as Play Jigsaw Puzzles, Solve Mazes, Connect the Dots, Toys Flow, Memory Cards and Dominoes.

Players are required to be skilled in completing each level. The game has 300 levels in three difficulty levels. The gold earned on each completed level can be collected to earn beautiful toys.

4. Christmas Games Flying Santa
The next game that can be an option is Christmas Games Flying Santa. The game is not only for fun, but also to hone dexterity.

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In this game, the player must fly Santa with the tabs on the device. There are various obstacles that must be overcome by Santa. This is an endless game. Players will continue to play and chase the highest score.

5. Christmas Santa Rush Gift Delivery
Finally there is a game called Christmas Santa Rush Gift Delivery. The game invites players to drive Santa’s sleigh filled with Christmas gifts.

In this 3D game, Santa will travel around the city on a train to distribute Christmas gifts to the citizens. Just like any other driving game, Santa’s train has to be well controlled and you shouldn’t crash.