Skincare Needs Increase During the Pandemic, Local Brands Present Practical Innovations – Seeing the growth in the number of skincare uses for facial and body care, not a few local brands continue to innovate.

One of them is by presenting multifunctional skincare that can be a solution to make skin care routines more practical.

This is what the local skincare brand Skinmee also presented, which launched innovative products that simplify skin care steps without reducing the benefits of treatment.

At its recent launch, Skinmee introduced its first product, namely the DualMee series of multifunctional serums, a multifunctional serum with dual formulas in one package that can be used day and night.

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skincare illustration.
skincare illustration.

“Serums with double formulas in one package are still very rare in Indonesia. Therefore, this product is here to provide innovation and is specially formulated according to need to provide real benefits for the skin,” explained Ismedy Prasetya, Head of Marketing Manager Skinmee in a press release issued received Thursday (22/7/2021).

The product range is available in three superior variants, namely Universal, Shine Bright and Youthful which can be tailored to the needs of the skin. This skincare, Jata Ismedy is also produced using Korean technology with natural and safe ingredients for all skin types.

This serum will be marketed through various e-commerce platforms such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada and Zalora which are priced at affordable prices, starting from Rp. 169 thousand to Rp. 199 thousand.