Telkomsel Will Maximize 5G Internet Spectrum – Telkomsel cellular operators will maximize the 2.3GHz radio frequency spectrum, which they are currently using to roll out commercial 5G services.

“Telkomsel will maximize its 2.3GHz mainstay spectrum,” said Vice President of Radio Access Network Engineering and Project Telkomsel, Akhmad Madces, during a discussion session at the 2021 Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum, Thursday (14/10/2021).

Telkomsel received an additional 20MHz radio frequency spectrum in the 2.3GHz frequency band after the auction earlier this year.

According to Akhmad, after the rearrangement, they will use these frequencies to maximize 4G and 5G services.

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This cellular operator is committed to providing 1GBps speed for users of 5G services which they have launched since the middle of this year. They are also working to develop services through the 2.3GHz spectrum.

One of the potential services they see can use the 2.3GHz spectrum is Wireless To The X, which is growing due to the corona virus pandemic.

“The (WTTX) market will grow during the COVID-19 pandemic because many users have to work from home,” said Akhmad.

Telkomsel is the first Indonesian cellular operator to roll out commercial 5G services. The availability of Telkomsel’s 5G services is currently still limited to certain points in several cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Makassar and Solo.

After launching 5G services, Telkomsel is also faced with the availability of devices that already support this latest generation of radio networks.

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5G phones have appeared before, even before mobile operators launched 5G services. Unfortunately, mobile phone brand holders are still locking on 5G features for devices that were launched earlier this year.

The latest mobile phones can already be used to capture 5G signals.

Telkomsel expects that next year, there will be more devices that support 5G at affordable prices. According to them, the average revenue per user (ARPU) of cellular services in Indonesia is among the lowest in the world. [Antara]