The Reaction of Minister of Faith Yaqut Hear Ferdinand Confess to Converts: Never Hurry…

Minister of Religion (Menag) Yaqut Cholil Qoumas spoke about Ferdinand Hutahaean converting to Islam. He questioned all parties to regard the authorized system in the SARA nuanced scenario involving Ferdinand Hutahaean.

“I invite the general public not to hurry to choose Ferdinand. We will not know what Ferdinand’s serious intentions have been.publish about ‘Your God Turns Weak’. For that, wait around until finally the lawful method is complete so that the difficulty will become apparent,” claimed Minister of Religion Yaqut in Jakarta, Friday (7/1).

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In accordance to Gus Yaqut, the Minister of Religion’s nickname, Ferdinand may not have a deep comprehending of Islam, which include in matters of religion, because the former Democratic politician is a change. He mentioned that if he was a correct change, Ferdinand required spiritual assistance, not insults.

“For that, clarification (tabayyun) in this situation is complete,” he claimed.

The Minister of Faith hopes that the situation that has been taken care of by the law enforcement can operate transparently and be completed shortly by generating the fairest conclusion. Minister of Faith Yaqut asked the Indonesian persons to continue being relaxed and conclusion this polemic on social media.

On the other hand, this situation is a lesson for all parties to be far more careful in employing social media. “Let’s use social media by spreading well mannered content, such as spiritual issues, so that spiritual harmony will be more powerful and much better,” mentioned the Minister of Religion.

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