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Day These days, Saturday, December 4, 2021, a rare astronomical phenomenon occurred a whole solar eclipse. Can be witnessed directly by individuals in the southern hemisphere.

Quoted from the NASA website page, Saturday (4/12/2021), on the other hand, you should notice that individuals need to not see the photo voltaic eclipse specifically with the naked eye. This also applies to a partial solar eclipse.

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Illustration of a total solar eclipse.

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When viewing a partial photo voltaic eclipse, NASA recommends using distinctive glasses or eclipse goggles. This item ought to be utilized through the eclipse if you want to face the solar.

Eyeglasses to see the sun or eclipse are not standard sun shades. Regular sun shades are not risk-free for viewing the sunlight. If a single is in the route of a whole solar eclipse, then 1 can get rid of all those special glasses when the moon is totally blocking the solar.

If 1 does not have sunshine eyeglasses or eclipse eyeglasses, a person can use the indirect viewing technique. A single of them is with a pinhole projector. A pinhole projector really should not be utilized to seem specifically at the sunlight, but to challenge sunlight onto a surface area.

For all those of you who have not experienced the possibility to see a whole photo voltaic eclipse, don’t be discouraged. Due to the fact in Oct 2023, an annular solar eclipse will cross North America. 6 months later on, in April 2024, a full photo voltaic eclipse will cross the Americas.

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Illustration of a total solar eclipse.  (Photo: BBC)