Tourism Villages in Pangandaran Are Competing in Trisakti Tourism Award 2021

TIMESINDONESIA, PANGANDARAN – A tourist place in Pangandaran is competing in the Trisakti Tourism Award 2021.

The district governor of Pangandaran, Jeje Wiradinata stated that this contest also acts as a tourism advertising event.

“We had five tourism villages competing in the Trisakti Tourism Award 2021,” explained Wiradinata on Sunday (1/8/2021).

People tourism villages were Kertayasa Village in Cijulang, Selasari Village in Parigi, Bangunkarya in Langkaplancar, Cikalong Village in Sidamulih, and Sukamulya Village in Langkaplancar.

“Kertayasa Village in Cijulang and Selasari Village in Parigi prioritize their all-natural tourism,” reported Wiradinata.

Meanwhile, Bangunkarya Village in Langkaplancar prioritizes its inventive tourism. Cikalong Village in Sidamulih features cultural tourism and Sukamulya Village in Langkaplancar brings agricultural tourism to the table.

“All participating villages are categorised as created and unbiased tourism villages class,” Wiradinata discussed.

All collaborating villages are villages that add to the economic improvement of the culture.

“The event of Trisakti Tourism Award 2021 is broadcasted by using Instagram by the Tourism and Cultural Agency of Pangandaran,” mentioned Wiradinata.

One particular of the scoring variables is the amount of likes for every single spot in the Instagram account of the Tourism and Cultural Agency of Pangandaran.

“For this purpose, we invite the locals of Pangandaran to give their likes to their favored location in our Instagram account,” reported Wiradinata.

Trisakti Tourism Award 2021 is a multi-goal party exactly where tourism locations can contend while also acts as marketing media to introduce the attractiveness of Pangandaran to modern society.