WGS for Tuberculosis

Group is by now familiar with the use of entire genome sequencing (WGS) to detect possible new variants of COVID-19. As of November 18, 2021, Indonesia has submitted 8,839 WGS samples of the SARS CoV2 virus that spreads COVID-19 to GISAID, which compiles info from all in excess of the globe.

This determine for Indonesia is greater than Malaysia which provided 4,901 samples and Thailand with 7,487 samples. Having said that, Indonesia is still lower than Singapore which has incorporated 9,652 samples, the Philippines with 12,742 samples, and India with 78,442 samples. The optimum was the United States which on November 18, 2021 had submitted 1,608,136 samples of the COVID-19 virus WGS to GISAID, adopted by the United Kingdom with 1,238,935 samples.

Of system, verify total genome sequencing (WGS) can also be completed for numerous other conditions. One of them is tuberculosis (Tb). We know that tuberculosis is an crucial health and fitness trouble in the environment as very well as in our country. Information from the World-wide TB Report 2021 shows that Indonesia is the third largest contributor to TB circumstances in the entire world following India and China.

WHO also made three lists of significant-load nations (higher-burden nations) each individual 30 nations around the world for tuberculosis situations, 30 international locations for TB & HIV conditions, and 30 international locations with MDR TB scenarios (multi-drug resistance) and rifampisis resistance (RR).

From that list, there are 10 countries that are incorporated in the 3 teams at the moment. This implies that the burden is significant for TB, TB & HIV and MDR/RR TB, namely Indonesia is one of them, alongside with China, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, the Philippines, South Africa and Zambia.

Indonesia is also referred to as the next biggest contributor to the decrease in notifications of TB scenarios in the environment because of to COVID-19 immediately after India. If the notification decreases, of course there will be more TB patients who are not uncovered, are not addressed and are nevertheless contagious to the surrounding local community.

Presently, the use of WGS for tuberculosis has not been made use of in features of day by day medical decisions. The use of WGS is now much more for drug resistance surveillance and can also be used for mapping parts with distinct complications (sizzling location mapping) so that it can be made use of as input for the TB management software in a state. WGS can also be used as a modality of epidemiological assessment of tuberculosis as well as for research functions.

So significantly, the most broadly used for WGS assessment is the preparing of TB germ society. WGS examination directly from phlegm continue to presents benefits that are not optimal, the investigation benefits are however assorted, between other individuals with technological know-how Deeplex-MycTB assay from GenoScreen.


On June 25, 2021, WHO for the first time released a guide catalog of mutations of tuberculosis germs in relation to drug resistance TB, which were analyzed working with genomic sequencing exams. Formerly, what was generally determined was resistance to rifampin on your own by analyzing pair fragments 81 (81-primarily based pair fragment) of the rpoB gene.

This world’s 1st TB catalog book, analyzed 38,000 isolates from 40 nations, regretably not together with Indonesia, which were being associated to 13 antituberculosis medicines so that facts was received not only on the drug rifampin, but also on numerous other medication frequently employed to deal with TB in the entire world and also in our country. These medications belong to the first-line group, particularly INH, ethambutol and Pyrazinamide and second line.

Especially for 2nd-line medication, group A incorporates levofloxacin, moxifloxacin, Bedaquiline and linezolid, team B incorporates clofazimine and group C consists of delamanid, amikacin, streptomycin, ethionamide, and prothionamide.

Meanwhile, there are generally six added benefits of a drug resistance surveillance program. The initially is to estimate the magnitude of the disease issue (sickness load), next to observe developments (pattern) from time to time, 3rd for arranging analysis and treatment method services, fourth for evaluating the success of intervention plans. Fifth, to formulate an helpful therapeutic regimen, and sixth to coverage on tuberculosis resistance administration plans in a place.

Our nation has also started off performing assignments Indonesian Tuberculosis Whole Genomic Sequencing considering that 2020, which is nonetheless in development. This activity is a continuation of the TB Resistance Study performed by the Health and fitness Investigation and Advancement Company (Balitbangkes) and the man or woman in demand of the Tuberculosis Manage Method at the Ministry of Wellbeing. If the results are finished later, it will certainly be beneficial for TB handle in our country.

Meanwhile, the drug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis avoidance software in Indonesia even now demands to be enhanced. Facts for 2020 displays that the discovery and notification of drug-resistant TB cases is only 34% of the approximated existing circumstances, and, of people identified, only 57% are then treated. In the meantime, centered on cohort data since 2018, the achievements of our drug-resistant TB remedy is about 47%. Not all districts/metropolitan areas have assistance centers for the therapy of drug-resistant TB patients, and, not all provinces have facilities for testing lifestyle resistance or laboratories. Line Probe Assay (LPA) (2020)

Long term advancement

In standard complete genome sequencing (WGS) in the industry of tuberculosis is presently however an different probe-primarily based WHO is largely for the detection of drug resistance, genetic diversity and dynamic alterations in bacterial transmission Mycobacterium tuberculosis intricate (MTBC) is the cause of tuberculosis.

WGS has the edge that the system is more rapidly than the traditional method of phenotypic examination of the Tb drug susceptibility check, and the sensitivity price is also higher. It can also be made use of as a data repository and the know-how can surely be used for several other diseases.

In long run developments, it is hoped that the degree of resolution will also keep on to increase, specially for conducting epidemiological assessment. It is also hoped that the interpretation of the sequencing information can be additional effortlessly carried out. Study developments are also envisioned to incorporate genetic variability which, if probable, lead to the discovery of vaccines, and probably new mechanisms of remedy with identification of applicable mutations.

For comfort in the industry, it is hoped that a software for automating the sequencing method can be produced. It would also be fantastic if an automated extraction approach could be developed which is easier, and significantly less costly, if it can be immediately attained from individual samples. It is also essential to pioneer the likelihood of applying WGS in medical selection building and surveillance.

The most important matter, of training course, is that the point out can proceed to create its potential in the fields of molecular biology and bioinformatics for the gain of the nation’s health.